An ambulance worker named the symptoms that should be hospitalized

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The head of the ambulance service in the Volgograd region, Oleg Yarygin, listed five symptoms with which a person should be taken to the hospital.

According to the doctor, an ambulance should be called if the body temperature does not drop below 38.5 ° for three days. Dyspnea or dyspnea, signs of pulmonary insufficiency are also warning signs.

“An ambulance is required if a person has lost consciousness,” Volgogradskaya quotes Oleg Yarygin. – Sufferers of diabetes should monitor their sugar levels and call doctors when it rises.

The specialist does not advise contacting the clinic on your own at temperatures above 35 °. With such symptoms, you should self-isolate and follow all the recommendations of doctors. If your throat hurts, your sense of smell disappears, you have a cough, you don’t need to call the team, you should go to the clinic.

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