An ambulance driver in St. Petersburg gets 20 thousand less than in Moscow

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In April 2021, the SuperJob job search service studied and compared the offers of employers and the expectations of applicants for the position of “Ambulance driver” in commercial clinics in large cities. So, in St. Petersburg the driver of a private ambulance gets about 80 thousand rubles, in Yekaterinburg – 67 thousand rubles, in Moscow – a full-weight 100 thousand.

It is noted that the average salary in St. Petersburg is 57 thousand rubles (in Yekaterinburg – 47 thousand, in Moscow – 70 thousand).

The study separately states that such work requires licenses with open categories “B” and “C”, as well as, for example, “the presence of a certificate of completion of training for drivers to drive vehicles equipped with devices for giving special light and sound signals.”