American scientists have found out why losing weight makes your face look older

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American scientists have found out why, when losing weight, a person’s face begins to look older. They published their discoveries in the pages of the magazine Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 19 volunteers underwent tomography of the head and studied the images. Experts have concluded that the loss of subcutaneous fat deepens the nasolabial folds and makes the cheeks appear sunken. At the same time, the jaw drops, which means the chin “spreads out”. The eyes suffer the most, as there is the least fat around them. When it also dissolves, the eye sockets seem to sink. The man looks tired.

Scientists have suggested that fat, like a frame, supports the face. With age or with diets, the fat goes away and the skin begins to sag. Experts suggested choosing a diet that contains fatty fish, fruits and vegetables when losing weight. And also consume omega-3 fats every day.

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