Amazon Glow Running Out Of Production

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By Matilda

In 2021, Amazon launched a video-calling device for kids and families but discontinued its interactive. This device guarantees a unique way for kids to use technology when video-calling their other relatives. The Amazon Glow used projection technology, enabling kids and family members to chat remotely and play games using a touchscreen projected by the device.

Amazon glow cost was $300 and was only available on order for the first six months, but Amazon made it available to the broader public in late March for the next six months.

Purpose Of The Invention Of Amazon Glow

The primary purpose of this invention was to address a problem that arose during the pandemic, when people were isolated at home, missing their family members. Amazon Glow can replicate the real-world feel and substitute for the grandparent’s regular in-person visits. The demand for Amazon Glow has also decreased as the pandemic is over.

One good thing about this device is the parental controls; children can only contact those friends and relatives that are parent-added to an approved contact list. Also, a parent’s dashboard on the app allows them to monitor and review all of their child’s activities on the Glow device. The built-in camera includes a shutter, so the parents ensure privacy between video calls.

Drawbacks Of Amazon Glow

Amazon Glow was an experimental device that also struggled to attract a wide range of customers, but unfortunately, it couldn’t because of its abnormality. It’s an old-shaped, upright touchscreen that requires a flat surface to project its images onto the table in front of it. It is something that can only work in some people’s homes. It also requires an Amazon Kids+ paid subscription.

The Amazon Glow weighs nearly 4 pounds, stands over a foot tall, and always requires a plug-in. Honestly, it’s a beast. If your child has a fixed place to put the Glow, it’s nice. Otherwise, it takes up a lot of space. One major problem of the Glow was the media quality it displayed. Some games were glitchy, and some graphic novels and the images were so low quality that I could not even read them.

What Do Amazon’s Officials Say About The Discontinuation Of Amazon Glow?

“At Amazon, we think big, experiment, and invest in new ideas to delight customers. We also continually evaluate the progress and potential of our products to deliver customer value, and we regularly make adjustments based on those assessments”, the spokesperson said. “We will be sharing updates and guidance with Glow customers soon.”

The Amazon Glow’s product landing page doesn’t yet inform customers that the Amazon Glow canceled – it only says it’s out of stock. It’s not yet confirmed how Amazon Glow’s customers will be supported, as they weren’t yet aware of the product’s discontinuation.


Amazon Glow is a good device for kids up to 8 years of age. They can play video games and chat with their relatives under their parents’ supervision. However, Amazon has decided to discontinue the Amazon Glow’s production as it was an experimental device that people loved somehow. This device only worked briefly during the pandemic when people were quarantined in their homes and could not meet their family members. Also, Amazon is reducing expenses across the company as it struggles with the economic decline and slowing retail sales.