Almost 6 thousand people died from coronavirus in September

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Petersburg set another anti-record in September 2020. Smolny Civil Status Registration Committee published data on deaths registered in the first month of autumn. There were 5739 of them.

This is more than it was in September 2019, and 2018 too. September 2020 updated the death record for the last 10 years. As, however, and other months of 2020. By the way, in 2020 more Petersburgers died only in May (6427 deaths) and in June (7106 deaths).

Over the past 10 years, more than 5,000 people have died in September only twice – in 2015 (5,002 people) and in 2017 (5,081 people). All other years of death were kept at an average of 4500 cases.

The increase in the incidence of coronavirus in the northern capital began to be recorded at the end of August 2020. Prior to that, up to 100 people were hospitalized a day, from the end of August the number of cases began to gradually increase by 10-15 percent per week. On October 5, the St. Petersburg operational headquarters to prevent the import and spread of a new coronavirus infection counted 407 cases of COVID-19 infection. This number of cases was last recorded on May 22, 2020, when the pandemic was on the decline. Now it is obviously growing. Moreover, according to doctors, faster than it was in the spring.

Lines from ambulances to all hospitals, hospitals to the eyeballs, there are many cases, PCR positive too. What measures will be taken is unclear. There was no need for people to give holidays so that they go to rest in Sochi and Crimea, and also to stimulate them with cashback, because there were different viruses, including, probably, various modifications of the coronavirus, from all over the country and, accordingly, changing and shaking each other’s hands, went back to the cities and villages. No one knows where they are and how they will manifest themselves.“, – said chief physicians and director of the private ambulance service Coris Lev Averbakh on your Facebook page.

At the moment, 15 city hospitals are receiving patients with coronavirus in St. Petersburg. At a low start – Lenexpo, ready to receive 2500 patients. But whether these beds are enough, doctors do not undertake to predict.

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