Almost 27 thousand trees prepared for the residents of Lipetsk for the New Year

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In the Lipetsk region, 26.7 thousand trees were prepared for the New Year holidays. This was reported to GOROD48 by the regional forestry department.

According to the ministry, most of the trees were felled in the Terbun forestry enterprise. The procurement continues. In total, this year it is planned to cut down over 30 thousand spruces and pines.

Patrolling has been organized in the region since December 1. In the forestries, mobile groups of forest guards and police officers are on duty, and posts are set up on federal highways and public roads passing through the forest.

To date, not a single Christmas tree poacher has been recorded in the Lipetsk region. Usually violators appear after December 15, when active trade in trees begins, the leshoz noted.

On the eve of the New Year, the Ministry of Emergencies gave recommendations on how to install and decorate a festive tree. The department notes that the tree must have a stable base, not block the exit from the room, and the branches must be at least one meter away from the walls and ceilings.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of electric garlands, illumination and Christmas tree decorations, all of them must have an appropriate quality certificate.

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