Almost 15 million people face water problems in Texas due to bad weather

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Due to the abnormally cold and snowy weather in the United States, problems with water supply began; almost half of the inhabitants of Texas – 15 million people – are experiencing difficulties with water supply. It was reported on February 19 by CNN TV channel.

State Commission spokeswoman Tiffany Young also said more than a billion liters of water had been lost due to burst pipes in Austin, Texas.

In addition, the residents of the United States are having problems with the electricity supply. The authorities note that they are monitoring power outages while about 95 thousand consumers remain without electricity. In Texas, water and food distribution points have been set up.

“People are scared, upset and angry. Ultimately, we will need more accurate answers to the question of why we are in this position and how to prevent a recurrence of this phenomenon, ”- said Austin Mayor Steve Adler.

A day earlier, The Washington Post reported that almost 50 people died due to abnormally cold weather in the United States.

As it is specified, since Sunday in the country at least 47 people became victims of cold weather, 30 of them died in Texas. The newspaper, according to the publication, was based on established deaths due to weather conditions or suspected deaths for this reason. However, the real death toll is much higher, the newspaper points out.

It is known that some people died from hypothermia, others died in an accident, some died from carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to keep warm. Their identity remains to be established.