All diesel buses in Sakhalin want to be replaced with environmentally friendly

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The Governor of the Sakhalin Region instructed the regional Ministry of Transport to update the municipal transport fleet. For this, the department must develop a special program.

– Gas and electric buses should be replaced by gasoline buses. Air poisoned by exhaust gases often leads to respiratory diseases. Replacing buses will improve the ecological situation on the islands, make the air cleaner and, ultimately, improve the health of Sakhalin and Kuril residents. We plan to attract federal funding and private funds on the basis of a concession for the renewal of the vehicle fleet, – said Valery Limarenko.

In the regional center, meanwhile, 85 buses are already running on NGV fuel. In the near future, 331 more cars will be updated, half of them will work at the electrical installation, the rest will be switched to gas. A total of 646 vehicles travel along the routes on the islands in settlements. Another 201 vehicles serve inter-municipal transportation.