Alexander Bastrykin noted the work of Tula investigators

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Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, held an operational meeting with the heads of departments of the central office of the departments The meeting was also attended by the heads of the regional investigation departments. The meeting was held via video link.

Within the framework of the meeting, the results of the work of a number of territorial SUs of the UK for 2020 were considered.

A high-quality preliminary investigation, strict adherence to the terms of investigation of criminal cases and a large percentage of compensation to victims for damage caused was noted in the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Tula Region.

For the same indicators, Udmurtia and Kamchatka Territory were noted along with the Tula region.

The heads of these investigative departments spoke about their positive work experience and the success achieved through interaction with citizens using high-precision forensic techniques. Also, efficiency in work was achieved by increasing the professional skills of employees. The skill of young employees, well-established interaction with ministries and departments also played a significant role.

Alexander Bastrykin, in turn, thanked the employees of the investigation departments for their well-coordinated work and good performance. He wished you success in your service and more efficient business operations.

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Alexander Bastrykin thanked the staff for their excellent work, wishing not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved and to continue serving in the same vein. He noted that there are shortcomings in any work, but it is important to see them and draw conclusions without hiding them, to take measures to improve the efficiency of their work.

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