Aleppo hopes to open flights with Moscow

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The director of the Syrian Aleppo airport, Muhammad al-Masri, expressed hope for the early opening of flights with Moscow.

“We are ready to receive any planes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, flights between Damascus and Moscow were closed, but have now resumed. We hope that we will also have a flight from Aleppo to Moscow, ”the airport director told reporters.

The air hub recently resumed accepting international flights following a war and a hiatus over the coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Masri, who graduated from the Institute of Civil Aviation in the USSR, compared the significance of this day for him to Victory Day for the Russians.

According to him, the fight against militants for this air hub lasted seven years.

“At first the bandits were far from us, then they stood around the airport and fired indiscriminately – at planes, at employees, at passengers. Several different groups approached us, all wanted to come here, but we stood. And the airport has protected our city, ”said Muhammad al-Masri.

On February 25, it became known that Syrian builders began work to restore the building of a large bus station in Aleppo destroyed during the war.

The armed conflict in Syria has been going on since 2011. In 2017, the victory over the terrorist group ISIS in Syria and Iraq, banned in Russia, was announced. In some regions of the country, sweep operations from militants continue. Now the forefront is a political settlement, the reconstruction of Syria and the return of refugees.