Aksenov announced the readiness of Crimea to receive tourists in the summer

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The head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov said that the region is fully ready to accept the flow of tourists predicted after the news about the closure of Turkey.

“Crimea is always ready, even without options, the infrastructure is ready, the airport is preparing to receive up to six million tourists. Accommodation facilities are all being prepared. The last season showed that at the peak we can cope with the situation, ”Aksenov said in an interview with Life on April 21.

He also admitted that in the region, due to the current situation, there is a slight increase in prices. Aksenov believes that hoteliers have thus taken advantage of the closure of the Turkish borders. However, according to the head of the republic, most of the vouchers were purchased even before the announcement of the closure of Turkey.

On April 16, Aleksan Mkrtchyan, the general director of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, told Izvestia that the price of rest in Russian resorts rose by 15-30% after the restriction of air traffic with Turkey. To a greater extent, prices rose in the Crimea, to a lesser extent – in the Krasnodar Territory.

A day earlier, on April 15, Aksenov assured that the enterprises of the sanitary-resort sector would not be closed and that there were no plans to strengthen sanitary measures in Crimea as a whole.

By the decision of the headquarters, regular and irregular flights with Turkey and Tanzania were suspended from April 15 to June 1 due to the deterioration of the coronavirus situation in these countries.