Afghanistan: at least 10 dead in rocket fire in Kabul on Saturday

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At least ten civilians were killed, and 51 others wounded, in the attack on Saturday in Kabul, according to a new report transmitted Sunday by the Afghan vice-president, who promised to find the culprits.

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“We will find the networks that helped transport the materials (rockets) used in the attack,” which was claimed by the Islamic State group, Amrullah Saleh said on his Facebook page.

A previous report on Saturday reported 8 dead.

The attackers fired 23 rockets at the center of Kabul, near the Green Zone, which houses embassies and international companies, as well as the presidential palace and other government structures.

But it was Afghan civilians who, as often, paid the price, when the explosions occurred in densely populated areas, including a hospital.

In a statement, ISIS said it was the source of the rockets.

The jihadist group has already claimed responsibility for two of the bloodiest attacks in recent months, one against Kabul University in early November and the other against an education center in October, which in all left nearly 50 dead.

However, officials in the Afghan government have each time accused the Taliban or their allies of being responsible, and have done the same for the attack on Saturday.

In the past six months, the Taliban have carried out 53 suicide attacks and 1,250 bombings, which have left 1,210 civilians dead and 2,500 injured, Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said this week. .

The entire country continues to be ravaged by violence despite ongoing talks between Kabul and the insurgents since September 12.

The attack came ahead of Saturday’s meetings in Doha, capital of Qatar, between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Taliban and Afghan government negotiators.

Mr Pompeo has tried to push both sides to speed up talks as Washington continues to withdraw its troops from the country.

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