Affiliate Marketing – What Was ThinkGeek?

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As an affiliate marketer, you may be wondering, “What is ThinkGeek?” You can earn some serious cash with this cool website by signing up for their associate program. You can choose to work with the CJ Affiliate network or other affiliate networks such as Flexoffers, Viglink, or Skimlinks. Here’s how it works. You simply promote ThinkGeek on your site by linking to their affiliate links. After you’ve done that, you can simply send your visitors to their website and earn commissions on every purchase.

What was ThinkGeek?

What was ThinkGeek website? is a company that caters to computer enthusiasts and “geek culture.” The website has been compared to a Sharper Image for sysadmins, with its merchandise being likened to toys and novelties designed to appeal to the inner child. The name, however, doesn’t do the store justice. Its products are not just for geeks. Many people enjoy them as much as children do.

Though the company started as a small, local business, it now serves the worldwide fandoms of video games. ThinkGeek’s products have become wildly popular, with giant decals of the latest video games. Visitors can see full-sized R2-D2s and foam Minecraft swords on display. The store’s headquarters, formerly WaPo Labs, also features a giant “Boardroom of Doom” for meetings.

Best ThinkGeek Alternatives

After closing down their online store and combining their online operations with those of the parent company GameStop, ThinkGeek fans have been looking for alternative websites that sell similar goods. They may not know it yet, but there are plenty of alternatives to ThinkGeek. While the website has gone dark, many of its stores have continued to operate. If you miss ThinkGeek and are looking for a replacement site, you will find several options below.

For the ultimate in geeky products, check out NeatoShop. While not a full-on ThinkGeek competitor, they offer unique gadgets and wearables that are both modern and cool. There is even a whole section of their website dedicated to novelty items. There is a vast range of geek-themed t-shirts available, with designs that showcase funny one-liners, artwork, and cartoon characters. Regardless of your interests, you can find something on this site at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

GameStop’s acquisition of ThinkGeek, the online retailer of cool tech products, was a terrible move. Though the company paid $140 million for the business, the management at ThinkGeek was left unaffected for four years. The business has been bleeding money and isn’t likely to increase its dividends shortly. ThinkGeek’s website needs a revamp. We have some ideas for what ThinkGeek should do next.

The ThinkGeek website could have expanded to enter other markets. Other companies have jumped into the Wookiee space, such as Shopify and Drop. The site might have had an opportunity to be a more comprehensive online destination for geeks, but instead, it opted for a niche. ThinkGeek could have competed in these markets, or perhaps incorporated a custom merchandising company. In any case, their focus on a niche made them a success. Read More