Additional Features of Huawei Band 6 Watch

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Welcome to another blurb of huawei band 6 watch. I initially put on the Huawei Band 6, and I haven’t expected to charge it since. As I’m making this, the health tracker is ticking down to the last 10% of its battery term. After the underlying very few days, I had almost ignored holding the battery length hush-hush. Huawei said the Band 6 would latest two weeks on a full charge, so I figure I got exceptionally close.

Tracking Modes

You can get a fast look on your advancement on the application’s home connection point as far as steps, practice records, pulse, rest, SpO2, and anxiety. In addition, the application additionally includes difficulties or exercise occasions now and again.

The wellness band is equipped for following up to 96 exercise modes. Simply peruse through the exercise that you’ll perform, and you’re all set. There’s likewise a programmed exercise recognition mode to go through the menus. The aftereffect of your exercise is shown in the band or in the Huawei Health application for a more far reaching measurements.

I observe the exercise following the huawei band 6 watch (or with Huawei Bands overall) precise. Huawei has put such a huge amount in their wearable gadgets through profound programming and equipment mix. Rest and stress following are likewise a portion of my beloved highlights of this gadget.

Heart Rate Notification

Obviously, the entire day SpO2 observing is an extraordinary component to have. I took a stab at estimating my blood oxygen level. The Band 6 gave me almost 100%, and it took the gadget pretty much 20 seconds to give the outcomes. It likewise took me 3 attempts to get a positive rate, the initial two attempts gave me beneath 90%.

I understood that you must be extremely still and simultaneously, fix the ties, to get the most reliable perusing. With the end goal of correlation, I run a blood oxygen test with an Apple Watch Series 6 and I got a marginally lower 96% outcome.

The entire day pulse sensor is likewise an extremely helpful element to have on your wrist. While we feel that this is a decent expansion to the list of capabilities, I saw that the pulse is a touch higher than the ones I get from the Apple Watch SE and Series 6. Obviously, Huawei could undoubtedly fix this with a product update.


With regards to the battery duration, the huawei band 6 watch is an unmistakable champ, in any event, when contrasting it with other Huawei wearable gadgets. Huawei says that the band’s 180 mAh battery could endure as long as 14 days; in our continuous use, we delighted in 10 to 12 days of reasonable for moderate use.

On the off chance that you’re not an aficionado of charging your gadget each and every other day, this element would be exceptionally ideal to you. This likewise gives you the opportunity to follow rest around evening time without being aware of depleting your battery duration. The Huawei Band 6 accompanies an exclusive charger which you can use in charging the band.