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Acne is a skin concern that most people face across the globe. Even when the breakout ends, it brings with it scarring and hyperpigmentation which aren’t easy to deal with. No matter what our skincare regime is, it is sometimes not enough to deal with the deeply rooted scarring left behind by acne. These scars and hyperpigmentation can have an impact on our confidence. The best way for acne scar removal Toronto is by undergoing laser treatment. During a laser treatment, the deep layers of the skin are targeted which helps to resurface the skin. Various laser options are available. Each of them is unique in its own right. Following are the best laser treatment options that target acne scarring.

IPL Laser

IPL lasers like AFT are a great option where is mild acne scarring. It targets the deep layer of the skin which helps to reduce the visibility of the discolouration and pigmentation left behind by acne. IPL Laser is a non-invasive approach that is extremely tolerable. With this laser treatment, you can achieve a more cohesive and blemish-free skin. Though you will be able to achieve the skin that you want, you must work towards maintaining the results. You can’t always prevent a future breakout. Having an intensive skincare regime in place will help to minimize the impact it will have on your skin.

Erbium Laser

If you have mild to moderate acne scarring, erbium laser is an excellent choice. When choosing this laser approach, you need to undergo a series of treatments. Each treatment will be placed several weeks apart. During the appointment, controlled ablation is offered to the skin. This helps to resurface the skin and improve the appearance of the scar. An Erbium laser approach is most suited for those who have fairer skin tones. Those with darker skin tones have chances of running into complications through this laser treatment. Speak to a medical professional before making a decision about it. You will also be required to take 2 to 4 days off to recover.

CO2 Laser

The carbon dioxide laser is the most aggressive laser treatment. It can easily target the toughest and deepest acne scars. Atrophic, hypertrophic, icepick and V-shaped scars, all can be targeted through this. One treatment appointment can banish almost all your scars. It is an ideal option when you have severe scarring. This laser works by targeting the deepest layers of the skin. During the treatment, the laser makes tiny perforations or holes across the skin. While doing that, it leaves the tissues around it intact. It targets some of the deepest acne scars and reveals fresh skin which is more evenly matched to the original scarred area. The tiny holes heal with time as new collagen is generated to smoothen the scars. Your skin will begin to look better within 7 to 10 days. As it is an intensive laser approach, it is suggested you take about a week off from your routine.