About a third of Russians told about the postponed COVID-19

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, about a third of Russians have experienced ailments that can be regarded as a manifestation of infection, follows from the results of a survey by Rosgosstrakh Life IC and Invitro, which Izvestia has.

The survey was conducted from mid to late March, and 1086 respondents from all federal districts took part in it. So, 24% of Russians said that they have experienced ailments since the beginning of the pandemic, and 6% admitted that they are still experiencing them.

“Of the total number of those who have ever experienced or are now experiencing ailments that they could regard as manifestations of COVID-19, every second noted that he had problems associated with a deterioration in attention or memory,” it was said in the message.

Every seventh (15%) of the total number of survey participants spoke about their fear of the risks of contracting coronavirus, 14% fear that their loved ones will get sick.

“In general, more than a third of respondents (38%) have any fears of a pandemic, the remaining 62% are not afraid of a pandemic,” the study says.

At the same time, 58% of the respondents from among those who do not feel fear in connection with the pandemic admitted that they experienced anxiety before, but at some point they got tired of being afraid. One in five is not afraid, as he believes that collective immunity has been formed in the region of his residence, and one in seven – due to the fact that he was vaccinated.

Earlier, the results of the survey showed that the majority of Russians will continue to wear medical masks even if the victory over the coronavirus is officially announced and this requirement is canceled.