About 220 places for Epiphany bathing have been prepared in the Moscow region

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In the Moscow region, about 220 places have been prepared for Epiphany bathing. This was reported on Sunday, January 17, on the website of the Moscow Region government.

Bathing places were equipped in open reservoirs, in ponds and fonts at temples. Epiphany bathing will begin on January 18 after the evening services.

“This is a good Russian tradition. For our residents and guests of the Moscow region, we have prepared places where you can safely and comfortably plunge into Epiphany, “- said the governor of the region, Andrei Vorobyov on Instagram.

It is noted that the air temperature on the night of Epiphany will drop below 20 degrees below zero. In this regard, warm changing rooms will operate in all bathing areas, and those who wish to plunge will be given warm tea. Roads and sidewalks to the font will be cleared of snow and ice, and foreign objects will be pulled out of natural reservoirs.

Also, at the bathing places, safety measures against coronavirus will be observed. People will have their temperature measured, in changing rooms they will have to wear a mask and maintain social distance. Large crowds of people will not be allowed in tents and fonts. It is recommended to take two sets of replaceable dry clothes and shoes, a towel for swimming.

“During bathing, they (employees of the Ministry of Emergencies and Mosoblpozhspas) will ensure safety. And if someone becomes ill with a heart, a person slips, stumbles, (it is necessary) to pull it out as quickly as possible. Provide first aid, warm up, dress, “- the TV channel” 360 “quotes the words of the State Inspector of the State Inspection of the State Inspection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Moscow Region, Vladimir Ploskiy.

According to RIAMO, those wishing to plunge were reminded that it is forbidden to go out on the ice, you can go down to the water in non-slip and easily removable shoes. You cannot be in the hole for more than one minute, and after dipping you should wipe yourself off with a towel and put on dry clothes.

There is a duty of doctors, rescuers and police officers, writes RT. More than 2 thousand people, 700 pieces of equipment will keep order. Rescuers will be on duty at the fonts in suits in full readiness.

An interactive map with fonts and Jordan in the region is available on the official portal of the government of the Moscow region. For the convenience of residents of the Moscow region, on the night of January 19, more than 300 public transport routes will be extended. Buses will run until 02:00. The driving interval will be reduced to 20 minutes. In addition, the authorities have prepared 10 thousand parking spaces.

The most important advice that experts give is to be guided by common sense, to correctly assess your strength.

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