A video featuring Milonov appeared on TikTok

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A video with the participation of State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov appeared on TikTok. The footage shows how the parliamentarian plants trees and dances around the monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker.

According to Milonov, registration in the mobile application took place against his will. He clarified that one of his voters could have done it for him.

“They’ve gotten me around! I planted trees in Shushary, in my neighborhood. He promised voters to allocate part of his salary for trees. Well, I had to: I promised – I must get married. I bought a bunch of trees. And they: shoot like this, like that <...> And then – bam in TikTok it turned out! Like this. Well, nothing bad, it seems, didn’t work out, ”the deputy told the Telegram channel“ Radiotochka NSN ”on Wednesday, April 28.

Milonov noted that he has no plans to become a blogger. Nor does his plan include regularly posting videos to TikTok.

“They brought me in – let them do it,” the deputy concluded.

In January 2020, it became known that Milonov opened a channel on YouTube video hosting. Then he promised to post there reasoning about what was happening, as well as the author’s opinion, reviews and “a little about personal.”

The last episode on his channel was published on April 21, the famous historian Yegor Yakovlev was a guest.