A vessel with ancient coins was found in the Slavic region of the Kuban

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During excavations at the construction site of the road in the Slavyansky district of the Kuban, archaeologists discovered ancient coins. Experts believe that the find may date back to the times of the Bosporus kingdom, whose lands covered the territory of the Kerch and Taman peninsulas.

In addition, in the process of exploring the mound near the Korzhevsky farm, copper coins of the first quarter of the second century AD were also found. They were found at a depth of 40 centimeters. In total, there were 58 coins – 20 were in a small vessel, and the remaining 38 were stacked side by side. These coins, according to experts, were also minted in the ancient Greek Bosporus kingdom.

“Later, the coins will be transferred to the state museum fund,” said the deputy head of the region Sergei Boldin.

A total of six archaeological sites are being excavated at the construction site. Earlier, as reported by “MK in the Kuban”, in the same area, archaeologists found the remains of a medieval warrior and items of uniform, including weapons.