A teenager who got into an accident with a KamAZ in Tver died in a hospital a month later

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A teenager who got into an accident with a KamAZ on March 4 in the Proletarsky district of Tver died. This was reported by a source “MK in Tver”.

The accident happened on the Boulevard of Trade Unions, where the “VAZ-21093” collided with a truck. As a result of the accident, a 15-year-old passenger car driver was injured with fractures and his 15-year-old passenger. The latter, after a traumatic brain injury, fell into a coma and was taken to intensive care. As it became known to the editorial office, he eventually died.

On the day of the incident, employees of the traffic police department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Tver, the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Tver region and an ambulance team worked on the spot.

It was also previously reported that the teenager driving was in a state of drug intoxication, but the official bodies did not confirm this information.