A swarm of bees settled in the car

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An unnamed resident of the city of Las Cruzes, New Mexico, returning to his Buick, parked in the parking lot of the Albertsons supermarket, found an unwanted “guest”.

Rather, 15,000 of these “guests” – bees, gathered in a swarm of bees that flew into the car through the half-open side window.

The man says that he spent only 10 minutes in the store and only after sitting in the driver’s seat, starting the engine and starting to drive out of the parking lot, he felt that “something was wrong”. Looking back, the man saw a buzzing ball and immediately jumped out of the car.

I had to call for help from the fire department workers. Among them was Jesse Johnson – not only a firefighter and part-time orderly, but also an amateur beekeeper. Donning protective gear, Johnson managed to drive most of the bees into the hive he brought with him. The entire operation of removing the bee swarm from the car took the firefighters about two hours. Fortunately, no one was hurt – not the frightened driver, not the bees …

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 0 dated November 30 -0001

Newspaper headline:
Bees attack