A sports festival was held at the Khmeimim airbase

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The May weekend at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria began with a sports festival – the Russian and Syrian military competed in tug-of-war, futsal, boxing and kettlebell lifting. The Russians won many relay races.

The teams gathered in the sports town of the airbase, there is everything for the soldiers to get emotional relaxation after the service.

The times of mini-football matches were reduced to 10 minutes, and the rest of the tournament was held according to the standard rules.

The sports event was attended by representatives of all units stationed at the Russian Khmeimim airbase.

“Absolutely all divisions are taking part here, because the goal of the competition is to identify the strongest, of course, but also to somehow unload morally and emotionally from combat duty, outfits and monotonous complex work carried out by our military. Therefore, they take part here without military ranks, positions, absolutely everyone is on an equal footing, “- the judge of the sports festival Artyom told reporters.

The lieutenant colonel of the Syrian army, captain of the national team of the 1st regiment of the Syrian Arab army, Mugis Mayasa, said that he prefers volleyball from all sports, he played it in the military academy. According to him, the Russian May holidays have a special meaning for his compatriots.

“This sports festival is dedicated to Victory Day … And for us, Syrians, the victory over terrorists, which we won together with Russia, is as dear as the victory over fascism. Therefore, we celebrate May 9 together, ”he said.

On March 3, it was reported that pilots and sailors conducted exercises at the Khmeimim airbase. The crews checked how the air defense forces work. The pilots have mastered the skill of escorting ships in the Mediterranean Sea.