A specialist told the probable cause of the incident with Boeing in Colorado

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The head of the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Robert Sumwalt said that, according to preliminary information, the agency considers metal fatigue in engine parts as a possible cause of an incident in the American Denver, in which part of the skin fell off the liner. This was reported by the CBS TV channel.

As the head of the council notes, two fan blades broke in the engine: one – at the very base, the second broke approximately in the middle. Engine parts also damaged the aircraft’s hull. The organization is still investigating how long the fan blades have been worn out, Sumwalt said.

Debris from a passenger Boeing 777 fell in a residential area near the American city of Denver, Colorado, according to Fox News on Saturday due to an engine malfunction. However, the aircraft safely returned to Denver shortly after departure. There is no data on the victims.