A severe thunderstorm is approaching the Kaluga region

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In the Kaluga region on Saturday, April 17, weather conditions are expected to deteriorate. A severe thunderstorm is approaching the region, according to the meteorological warning of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations.

“According to the Kaluga Hydrometeorological Center, in the next 1-3 hours on April 17, with preservation at night and in the morning of April 18, in the Kaluga region, it is expected in places: thunderstorm, heavy rain, during a thunderstorm, the wind will increase with gusts up to 12-17 m / s”, – says the weather forecast.

Kaluzhan are warned about the need to observe safety rules during the passage of a thunderstorm front. If possible, it is best not to leave your homes, close all windows and chimneys to avoid drafts. In a thunderstorm, it is not necessary to heat the stove – the smoke coming out of the chimney has a high electrical conductivity, it can attract an electric discharge to itself. For the same reason, it is not recommended to make fires. Stay away from electrical wiring and antennas during thunderstorms.