A scale of penalties for refusing a mask is established

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An executive order from President Biden on the mandatory wearing of masks on public transport went into effect on February 8.

Two days before this date, the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) announced a scale of fines for this type of offense. Fines can be imposed in the range of $ 250 to $ 1,500 and even higher if aggravating factors are identified. “Based on the existence of aggravating or mitigating circumstances, TSA reserves the right to impose fines in amounts outside the specified range,” the agency said in a statement. In addition to the fines imposed by the TSA, offenders may also be punished by vehicle operators – for example, they may be banned from using the airline’s aircraft in which the incident took place.

TSA has developed a special protocol by which vehicle operators can report violations to the agency. A presidential decree requires the wearing of masks on buses, trains, river and sea vessels, airplanes, taxis and private vehicles (such as UBER). An exception is made for children under the age of two and those persons who are not allowed by health to wear masks.

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