A resident of the Tver region was severely beaten, but he did not give money

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In Rzhev, Tver region, two malefactors were convicted who beat a man and demanded money from him.

In May 2018, the criminals, being near one of the houses in the village of Lebzino, demanded 200 thousand rubles from the victim and beat him. The victim was hit on the head with an unidentified object, as well as a row on the body and limbs. When the man refused to give the money, the attackers raised the “rate” to 300 thousand rubles and threatened to use violence against the victim’s common-law spouse and burn down the house. One of the attackers also promised to set fire to 20 cubic meters of the victim’s lumber.

By the decision of the Rzhevsk city court of the Tver region, each of the men was sentenced to three years in a general regime colony. They will have to compensate both the victim and the moral damage.

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