A resident of Oymyakon sewed fur bras for his cows

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In Oymyakon, the coldest village on earth, seventy-year-old local Nikolai Atlasov took care of the health of his five cows on his farm. To make the animals comfortable to go outside in winter, the men sewed fur bras for them. They protect the udder of cows from frostbite, writes The Siberian Times.

“I’m a hunter. My family has five cows. In winter they live in a barn, but every day we take them outside to drink water. They come out even when the temperature outside is –60 ° C, ”said the caring owner

Cow bras are made of bunny skins and an old muton coat. They are attached to the carcass with three straps: two straps and one under the tail. The bra helps not only protect the delicate skin of the udder, but also preserves milk in it.

The temperature minimum was recorded in Oymyakon in 1938 –77.8 ° C. Children of primary school age go to school down to –52 ° C.

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