A pontoon bridge was blocked in the Yaroslavl region

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The bridge across the Solonitsa River in the Nekrasovsky District is blocked due to an atypically high water level. This was stated by the administration of the Nekrasovsky district.

“Due to the rise in the water level in the Solonitsa River, traffic on the pontoon bridge to the Nekrasovskoye settlement is closed. After the normalization of the hydraulic equipment, the pontoon bridge will be reassembled. “ – the district administration informs.

The bridge connects two districts of the Nekrasovsky rural settlement. For the time being, the flooding will stop communication between the districts.

But, to be honest, “closing the bridge” is formal. The local administration wrapped a red cellophane ribbon on the bridge and posted a warning that the bridge was closed. But this obstacle cannot stop local residents eager to cross to the other side, as they walked along the bridge, so they walk. But on the other hand, this removes responsibility from the local administration in the event of an accident.