A plastic surgeon named celebrities with ideal facial proportions

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Dr. Riccardo Frati, head of the clinic for cosmetic and plastic surgery in London, spoke about the faces of which of the celebrities correspond to the “golden ratio” formula. On January 21, the tabloid The Sun writes about this.

He named women with the best facial proportions, in particular, actresses Michelle Keegan and Meghan Markle, as well as model Kim Kardashian.

As Frati recalled, according to the ancient Greeks, the ideal ratio for female faces was 3: 2: 3, which corresponds to the length of the forehead, nose and chin. He described the most desirable face shape as an inverted triangle structure and added that “glassy” skin makes the face even more desirable and “perfect”.

The plastic surgeon called Kardashian a delightful beauty, and speaking of Markle, said that she had a “Disney face.”

In August 2020, a photo of unadorned singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has received millions of likes. The celebrity posed against the backdrop of nature in a dressing gown, there was no makeup on her face.

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