A new way of treating coronavirus has been found in Russia

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Graduate students of the National Research Nuclear Engineering Physics Institute of Biomedicine (IFIB), NRNU MEPhI, have invented a new way to treat coronavirus.

They have developed an LED installation for the safe treatment of serious illnesses, including COVID-19, the press service of the university said on August 5.

The method is based on irradiation with light in the red range of the spectrum of large body surfaces.

As explained by Professor Victor Loschenov, this is one of the newest methods of treatment using photosensitizers.

“They are injected into the patient’s body, where they are captured by viruses and, under the influence of radiation, kill the virus. At the same time, photosensitizers deactivate the immunocompetent cells responsible for the cytokine storm, and thereby avoid a deadly reaction, “RIA Novosti quotes him.

According to him, before that, there were no similar installations in the world capable of safely irradiating patients.

More than 40 patients with COVID-19 have already received treatment using this method. All of them had an increase in oxygen saturation in the blood, pain in the lungs disappeared, and the sense of smell returned.

In general, the participants in the experiment recovered faster than the other infected.

On July 27, it became known that specialists from the Medical Research Institute in the United States analyzed the largest database, which includes more than 12 thousand drugs, and identified over 20 drugs that are effective in the treatment of coronavirus.

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