A new five-star hotel will appear in Smolensk

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During a working trip around the city of Smolensk, the head of the region got acquainted with the intermediate results of the implementation of the investment project for the construction of a five-star hotel on Gagarin Avenue.

As a reminder, in February 2019, on the sidelines of the Sochi-2019 Russian Investment Forum, the Governor and CEO of Megapolis-Smolensk, which provides services in the construction and development of the hotel business, Vyacheslav Toforov signed a Cooperation Agreement, which included construction in Smolensk on Avenue five-star hotels with 208 rooms.

The volume of investments in this project is more than half a billion rubles. The social effect will be expressed in the creation of 150 jobs.

According to Ekaterina Syrchenkova, head of the investment development department, the facility was quite difficult from the point of view of its reconstruction and required a large number of approval procedures. It was accompanied at every stage of its implementation: in the technological connection of the entire engineering infrastructure, in the coordination of planning and landscaping projects.

In the future, it is planned to cooperate with the investor as a small and medium-sized business in the tourism sector, thanks to which the company can count on receiving all support measures free of charge.

Vyacheslav Toforov, in turn, said that this facility is being built in accordance with the requirements for five-star hotels, and it is planned to obtain the corresponding Certificate, therefore, in addition to the number of rooms, there will be a conference hall, a SPA zone, restaurants, gym and so on. The first floor will house the reception and staff quarters.

At the moment, the facing works of the facade of the building are being completed, the interior decoration of the premises is underway, sound-insulating interior partitions made of gypsum fiber have been erected. Plastered walls have been finished and tiles have been laid on the 2nd floor, where technical premises will be located – laundries, a technical room for pool equipment and more.

Also, finishing work is being carried out on the 1st floor – it is there that the pool, SPA area and a conference hall for 84 seats will be located.

On the 2nd floor, where the restaurant and kitchen are planned to be located, engineering infrastructure networks are being laid. It is assumed that one of the restaurants, located on the 2nd floor, will seat 192 people. The second, on the 15th floor, has 150 seats and a karaoke hall for 50 visitors.

As for the room stock itself, it will be located from the 3rd to the 13th floor. In turn, the 14th floor is technical and is intended for the installation of engineering equipment. A summer veranda for 49 people will be equipped on the roof. The building will use the most modern air conditioning and ventilation system.

When the governor asked how the parking issue would be resolved, Vyacheslav Toforov replied that to resolve this issue, a land plot of about 1.7 thousand square meters was purchased near the hotel, which, if necessary, will be used for parking spaces and a centralized security point. Currently, this territory is being improved.

The hotel is scheduled to open in early 2021.

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