A murder committed in 2008 was solved in Vinogradovsky district

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In Vinogradovsky district, law enforcement agencies managed to solve the murder of a 38-year-old resident of the village of Rochegda, who since the summer of 2008 was considered missing.

The investigation found out that a 47-year-old acquaintance of the victim was involved in the murder.

During interrogation, the suspect pleaded guilty and said that in the summer of 2008, his acquaintance complained about the inappropriate behavior of the victim, with whom she had previously lived. Once he decided to talk to the victim, but he behaved aggressively, grabbed a pitchfork and threatened with physical harm. The attacker took away the pitchfork and grabbed the victim by the neck with his hand, but he continued to threaten him and his relatives. In response to threats, he strangled the man with his hands.

After that, the killer wrapped the body in a sheet, tied a bag of bricks to it and drowned it in an old potato pit filled with water. Later, local residents dug this hole. For a long time he did not tell anyone about the murder, and local residents believed that the wanted man, being drunk, disappeared in the forest.

In the place to which the suspect indicated, human remains were found. At present, investigative actions are continuing, witnesses are being questioned, and expert examinations are being carried out.