A meeting was held in Moscow to prepare a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council

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A special meeting was held in Moscow on preparations for a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council under the leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The meeting was attended by heads of regions and employees of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. During the meeting, they discussed the possibilities for increasing the availability and quality of social services.

The first deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, Sergei Kiriyenko, noted that the problem requires a prompt and high-quality solution.

“The approach itself seems to be very correct and important, because sometimes we optimize separate stages with a separate issuance of a certificate, a separate receipt of permission, a separate examination by a doctor or a separate visit to some of the social or medical institutions. But through the eyes of people, it looks a little different. If I received a certificate in an hour, but after that I did not get a job for half a year, then of course, that the certificate was issued in an hour is, on the one hand, pleasant, but on the other hand, it is completely pointless, ”Kiriyenko stressed.

The meeting of the State Council Presidium will be held on April 15 in the format of an online conference. As specified in the Kremlin, it will be devoted to increasing the availability and improving the quality of public services in the fields of education, health care, employment and social protection.