A medical volunteer from Noyabrsk provided first aid to a girl who was shot down on a zebra crossing

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Anna Sinitsyna is a medical volunteer, the day before she provided first aid to a pedestrian. An eighteen-year-old girl was knocked down at an unregulated pedestrian crossing, the driver of the car did not give way to a november that was crossing the road. Medical volunteers from Yamal told about this in their group on VKontakte.

Photo: vk.com Medical volunteers | YaNAO

“I saw how the driver does the wrong first aid. He still wanted to lift the victim, the ambulance hadn’t arrived yet. She ran up, turned to the driver, said that such actions should not be taken. Then she started talking to the girl. It is necessary in such situations to “keep” a person conscious. I found out that she is also studying to be a doctor, the first year. Provided first aid. The ambulance took the girl away. I think she has a fractured rib or hip – the student talked about pain in these locations, ”said Anna Sinitsina.

The victim is a student at the College of Professional and Information Technology. She studies in a parallel group with Anna herself.