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It is the mystery that justifies the lingering interest. Or the relentlessness, as I reproach the supporters of Donald Trump who would like to move on. Let’s face it, we don’t come out of four years of chaos by simply exclaiming: “Phew, we got away with it! “

The mystery is Donald Trump’s foreign policy. His successor presented on Thursday the main lines of the relations he intends to maintain with the rest of the world. Clear and crisp, ” to the point As the English say.

It was only a speech at the State Department, but there were specific challenges and verifiable benchmarks. Authoritarianism is on the rise; China aims to compete everywhere with the United States; Russia is determined to destroy western democracies.

The world right side up

In geopolitics, there is nothing simple. However, it is relieving to agree on the facts, on who are the good ones (to quote Joe Biden, “… the leaders of our close allies, including Canada, [avec qui] rebuild the muscle of our democratic alliances atrophied in recent years … ”) and who are the wicked, those who tyrannize, poison, imprison to stay in power.

For these villains, Donald Trump had a lingering fascination. A real mystery! Against the grain of decades of American diplomacy, he was fond of dictators. “The harsher and meaner they are, the better I get along with them. “, He confessed to journalist Bob Woodward for his book Rage.

Take Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. It is obvious now to US intelligence agencies that Russian hackers not only attacked the 2016 presidential election, but also targeted the entire US state apparatus in 2020.

The world upside down

The Kremlin stirred up unrest in eastern Ukraine, invaded Crimea and armed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his destructive campaign against his own people. In Russia itself, opponents are harassed and detained and their leaders constantly threatened with death.

Donald Trump’s reaction? “Putin and I get along well. “, He insisted on leaving the disastrous Helsinki summit in July 2018,” Great results are coming. False, the Russian president has never moderated his destabilizing ardor.

Same enigmatic attitude towards Mohammed ben Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The repression of human rights does not weaken and Wahhabism, Saudi Islam, remains as uncompromising as ever. Trump’s position? It was there that he made his first trip abroad and he continued to support the Saudi military offensive in Yemen, despite the humanitarian catastrophe it engendered.

Worse still, according to Bob Woodward’s recordings, he was delighted to have “saved” bin Salman, after the CIA concluded that he had coordinated the atrocious death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In his speech on Thursday, President Biden pledged that the United States “reclaim its moral authority.” Getting the country out of a nebulous and disconcerting foreign policy will already be a major gain.

Looks contradictory on the world



“Vladimir Putin and I get along well. “

“He’s very bright. “

“Getting along well with Russia is a good thing. “


“I told President Putin, in a very different way from my predecessor, that the days when the United States stood back from aggressive Russian actions are over. “



“He may well have been aware of this tragic event. Maybe yes. Maybe not. (Regarding the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, ordered, according to the CIA, by Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salman). Until the very end, in December 2020 with two contracts totaling nearly $ 800 million, the Trump administration sold arms to the Saudi kingdom. “


“We are ending American support for offensive operations [de la coalition menée par l’Arabie saoudite] in the war in Yemen, including arms sales. “



“I really like President Xi. I consider him a friend. I got to know him well. He’s a strong, tough guy. ”


“We will respond to China’s economic abuses and repel assaults on human rights, intellectual property and global governance. “

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