A Just Russia will unite with the For Truth and Patriots of Russia parties

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The head of the Just Russia faction, Sergei Mironov, spoke about the merger with the For Truth and Patriots of Russia parties. The new party will be called A Just Russia for the Truth.

According to Mironov, this decision was made after lengthy negotiations. He expressed the hope that he would be able to maintain leadership in the new party, and also offered to unite all parties on the left flank, including the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party.

“Let’s end the political monopoly of one party in our country. Let’s build a new socialist society in our country, ”RIA Novosti quoted him on Wednesday, January 20.

The new party will have one chairman and two deputies. At the same time, Mironov added that so far there is no talk of quotas of candidates for the Duma elections from each party.

“Of course, we are uniting on the eve of the elections to the State Duma. But our task is much further and much broader. Mark my word, we are starting a real unification of the left flank, ”TASS quotes him.

Fair Russia was founded in 2006. It is a left-wing party based on the ideology of the Social Democrats and modernized socialism. Its members are called “Social Revolutionaries”. Now they have 23 seats out of 450 in the State Duma, and 207 out of 3980 in regional parliaments.

The For Truth Party was registered in 2019. This is a national-patriotic association that criticizes liberalism. The leader is Zakhar Prilepin. There are no seats in the State Duma, in the constituent entities of Russia – one.

The Patriots of Russia party was formed in 2005 on the basis of the Russian Party of Labor as a result of the split of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Supports the ideology of democratic socialism and collectivism. The head of the association is Gennady Semigin. It is not represented in the State Duma of the current convocation; it occupies 22 places in the regions.

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