A Guide to Understanding Compounding Pharmacy

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When you hear the word pharmacy, you instantly think about medicines. However, when the term compounding is added, you may get confused. A pharmacy is simply where you get the needed medicines. Depending on your needs, you may go to a retail pharmacy or a compounding pharmacy. You might have visited a regular pharmacy several times but are not sure what a compounding pharmacy is. If that’s the case, let’s find out what is compounding and why it may be a better option than retail pharmacies offering mass-produced drugs.

What is a Compounding Pharmacy?

A compounding pharmacy is a specialized pharmacy that creates customized drugs prescribed by doctors for specific patients. Decades ago when mass drugs production was not started, compounding was widely practiced. Again this practice is getting popular to get access to medications that are not commercially available. It means that both pharmaceutical companies and compounding pharmacies manufacture medication. However, there is a difference in the process. The pharmaceutical companies are engaged in the mass production of medications that are readily available in retail pharmacies. Compounding pharmacies, on the other hand, create custom medications to fit the individual patient’s needs. For instance, a patient is allergic to an ingredient found in a commercial drug. In this case, a compounding pharmacist can help in eliminating that allergy-causing ingredient to make the medication safe for that patient’s consumption. Compounding also allows changing the drug form. A young child unable to swallow pills can get a liquid dose of a drug through compounding.

Why Compounding Pharmacies are a Better Choice? 

As compared to commercially available medications, compounding pharmacies are a better option because they customize prescriptions to suit patients’ specific needs. Recently, compounding pharmacies have seen an upsurge due to drug shortages and other issues. Also, the misconception about the safety of these medications has been cleared out. Unlike commercial drug manufacturers that are regulated by the FDA, pharmacies are regulated by the states. However, FDA has the authority to inspect compounding pharmacies. Buying medicines from retail pharmacies is a common practice but choosing compounding medications can be a better option for several reasons. Here are some great benefits offered by compounding pharmacies.

  1. Customized Dosages

Compounding allows the creation of customized dosages that are not commercially available. Commercially manufactured drugs are created using a standardized formula. However, sometimes patients need a higher or lower dosage. A licensed compounding pharmacy can create the right dose for your medical condition to prevent the risk of side effects from the wrong dosage.

  1. Different Forms

A compounding pharmacy can also alter the form of your medication. They can create the same formula in different forms such as liquid, powder, capsule, cream, or ointment. It means that if swallowing a pill is difficult for your kid or oral medication has side effects, you can alter its form.

  1. Palatable Medication

If your kid refuses to take medicines, you can get them customized in great flavors to make them palatable. Compounding pharmacists can work with your physician to create specialized formulas that work best for your health needs. You can get compounding medication for dermatology, pain management, hormone therapy, veterinary, and more.