A gas explosion occurred in a three-story building in the Dalnekonstantinovsky district

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On April 19, a household gas explosion occurred in a three-story apartment building in the village of Margusha, Dalnekonstantinovsky district.

The emergency call was received at 20.43. The rescuers who arrived at the scene found that the structures of the building had collapsed and a fire had started. It spreads over an area of ​​about 1200 sq.m.

According to preliminary information, three people were injured: one had a burn to the face and right shoulder, a head injury, the second had a fracture of the spine and ribs, and the third victim (preliminary) had a fracture of the spine.

Specialists from the Nizhny Novgorod Territorial Center for Disaster Medicine, as well as doctors from Dalniy Konstantinov and Perevoz, are working on the spot.

On behalf of the Governor Gleb Nikitin, the Deputy Governor, Minister of Health David Melik-Huseynov arrived at the scene of the emergency.