A gas and smoke protection service was created in Borodinsky, Kireevsky district

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In the village of Borodinsky, Kireevsky district, a gas and smoke protection service (GDZS) has been created. This is reported by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Tula region.

As noted by rescuers, on May 1, the GDZS of the fire brigade turned 88 years old. This service operates in an environment unsuitable for breathing during extinguishing fires and eliminating the consequences of emergencies.

The development and improvement of the GDZS is one of the important tasks for the Tula region, since this service is an important component of strengthening the combat readiness of the region’s fire and rescue garrison.

It took a long time to prepare the GDZS in the village of Borodinsky. According to rescuers, in 2020 a post was being built that would meet modern requirements. In January 2021, gas and smoke defenders were trained for service. Now there are 20 of them in the unit. The composition has passed the certification. In addition, the material and technical base was increased.

The creation of a gas and smoke protection service in the 49th fire and rescue unit will increase the tactical capabilities of the unit.

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