A four-year-old girl named all the elements of the periodic table in 2 minutes

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A four-year-old Qatari resident set a world record by naming all the elements from the periodic table the fastest. This was reported on Saturday, May 1, by the Peninsula Qatar newspaper.

The schoolgirl named all the chemical elements in 2 minutes 28 seconds and got into the International Book of Records, one of the analogues of the Guinness Book of Records. This indicator is the best among children, the creators of the collection said.

The girl also learned and quickly named the five most important parts of the human body, eight planets of the solar system and 14 prime ministers of India, the newspaper noted.

Doha Modern Indian School (DMIS) wished the girl further success.

The periodic table of chemical elements, or the periodic table, is a classification of chemical elements, where the dependence of various properties of elements on the charge of their atomic nucleus is established. On March 1, 1869, a Russian scientist submitted for publication the manuscript of the first version of the table, which was the result of many years of Mendeleev’s scientific works. The table was brought to the traditional graphic form in 1871. The modern Periodic Table of Chemical Elements includes 118 elements.

On January 24, a two-year-old resident of Kazan, Radomir Kazanbaev, entered the Russian Book of Records as the youngest traveler. In a month, he managed to visit 11 countries, including Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Turkey, Japan and China.