A footballer detained in Minsk diagnosed with kidney injury, vertebra fracture

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The day before, it was reported that during the protests in Minsk, law enforcers in civilian clothes who jumped out of the minibus detained the Krumkacho players Sergei Kozek and Pavel Rassolko.

The video that appeared on the Web shows how the security forces knock Kozeka, who was wearing a blue vest, off his feet. Later, the protesters began banging on the car. Now they want to charge the players with damaging the car, although they did not participate in the confrontation with the security forces and did not hit the car. The players were released because they showed bags with uniforms, saying that they were leaving from training, but they were detained again at one of the cordons and beaten.

as the telegram channel Nexta-Live reports, at night Sergei Kozeka was taken from the police department by an ambulance. Later, the director of the football club, Oleg Davidovich, said that Kozeka was diagnosed with kidney damage and a fracture of the third vertebra.

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