A fire engulfed a five-story building in St. Petersburg

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The fire occurred on April 22 in the morning in a five-story building on Sofiyskaya Street in St. Petersburg, the fire spread to three floors. They managed to localize him two hours later, the city head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

“At 11:11 Moscow time, the fire was localized,” the message says.

According to the head office, 40 people were evacuated from the house. Two victims are examined by doctors.

At 09:40 Moscow time, a message was received about a fire at the address: Frunzensky district, st. Sofiyskaya, 32, bldg. 3. In a residential building, burning took place on the third, fourth and fifth floors.

The fire was assigned an increased difficulty rank of 1-BIS due to the threat of further spread of fire.

11 pieces of equipment and 47 personnel were involved in extinguishing the fire.

On April 22, in St. Petersburg, there was also a fire in a reconstructed historical building. The combustion area was 60 sq. m. At the moment, the fire has been extinguished. Seven pieces of equipment and 35 people of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved in extinguishing.