A fight and a pogrom in the Moscow hostel “Yesenin” was recorded by a surveillance camera

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The fight and pogrom in the Moscow hostel “Yesenin” was captured by a video surveillance camera, the recording from which was published on February 3 by the REN TV channel.

The footage shows several men and a woman drinking tea and playing cards. Then a man named Magai entered the room and began arguing with those present. Mikhail, 24, a billiard player, tried to calm him down, the channel reports.

After that, a scuffle began. According to published footage, the instigator of the scuffle at some point took out a knife and began to rush at other guests of the hostel

During the quarrel, the rowdy sprayed a can into the eyes of one of the men present. Only after the intervention of another guest of the hostel was the conflict settled – with one throw he put the rowdy on the floor. Then the police arrived.

After the incident, the victim Mikhail went to the police. Now Magay faces criminal punishment, REN TV notes.

On the eve, it was reported about a mass brawl near a Moscow restaurant, in which girls became participants. After the incident, three men and two girls between the ages of 20 and 27 were taken to the police, all of whom were intoxicated.

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