A famous French producer targeted by an investigation for “rape of minors”

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An investigation for “rape of minors” and “complicity in rape of minors” was opened on January 21 against the French television producer Gérard Louvin and her husband after the filing of a complaint by the nephew of the first, Olivier A., we learned Tuesday from the Paris prosecutor’s office.

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Two other complaints from two other people on January 28, denouncing respectively rape of a 15-year-old minor and sexual assault, have since been joined to the initial investigation, also opened for “corruption of minors”, according to this report. source.

Olivier A. also filed on February 3 a further complaint denouncing acts of sexual assault, also attached to the procedure.

The investigations were entrusted to the Brigade for the protection of minors.

At the beginning of January, Olivier A., ​​48, had filed a complaint for “complicity in rape by ascendant on a minor of 15” against his uncle Gérard Louvin, accusing him of having “favored” incestuous rapes committed on him by her husband. , Daniel Moyne.

The information was revealed by the daily Le Monde, some time after the publication by the lawyer Camille Kouchner of a book in which she accuses her stepfather, the political scientist Olivier Duhamel, of having raped his twin brother.

According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, Me Pierre Debuisson, the revelations about the Louvin couple encouraged other people to take legal action.

Four new complaints were thus filed in Paris between late January and early February for “rape” and “sexual assault” targeting the couple, he told AFP Tuesday morning, confirming information from Le Monde.

More complaints are said to be coming.

One of these plaintiffs, Grégory C., 46, this time accuses Mr. Louvin himself of “rape”, indicated his lawyer Me Debuisson. The facts denounced, which would have occurred in the 1980s and 1990s, “seem prescribed”, however admitted the lawyer.

In reaction to the new charges against them, MM. Louvin and Moyne announced Tuesday a “complaint for the blackmail of which they are victims” to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

According to their lawyers Christophe Ayela and Céline Bekerman, “they firmly deny the opportunist accusations” and “deplore a confused imbroglio on condition of anonymity, in which untruths, clichés on show business and homophobic overtones are intertwined. ‘will escape no one’.

Gérard Louvin is a familiar figure on French television. He produced several flagship shows and also appeared several times as a juror or columnist. He has also produced numerous shows and plays.

The couple had already been the subject of judicial investigations which, according to Le Monde, followed “a report concerning (their) adopted son”.

Two investigations were closed without prosecution in 2015 and 2016, the first on a report concerning their adopted son, the second, due to prescription, on the facts, already denounced at the time, concerning Olivier A.

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