A dream he told Putin about was fulfilled in Crimea

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Bicycle for Sasha

The ONF activists together with the Good Peace Volunteers of Crimea charitable foundation fulfilled the wish of a special child. 9-year-old Sasha Boyko from Kerch has cerebral palsy, and he dreamed of riding a bicycle. He told Vladimir Putin about his dream during the Direct Line with the President.

The Boyko family has four children. Sasha is the second child. At birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The parents put in a lot of rehabilitation efforts so that their son could walk. Our children love to ride bicycles, and Sasha, looking at them, also caught fire, says Anna with many children. But due to the fact that it is difficult for him to maintain balance, a regular bicycle does not fit. And now we have no funds for the specialized one. Therefore, we turned to Vladimir Vladimirovich on the “Direct Line” with a request to give his son a special bicycle.

Children’s dreams must come true. In Sasha’s case, it happened very quickly. The request got to the ONF, where the activists studied the citizens’ appeals. They contacted the family, clarified all the parameters for the bike: weight, height, size of the boy’s feet. We found a manufacturing plant in another region of the country, selected the best convenient option for Sasha for 40 thousand rubles. And they turned to the charity fund “Dobro Mira Volunteers of Crimea” to the partners of the #WeVtog event Today the bike was delivered to Kerch, and the happy Sasha is mastering a new vehicle in the park near the house, so that with the arrival of heat he can race with all family members. We gladly responded to Sasha’s request, because our program “Healthy Childhood Crimea” is aimed at helping special children, said Natalya Martynets, founder of the charity fund “Dobro Mira Volunteers of Crimea”. We help pay for tickets to the place of treatment, rehabilitation, or purchase wheelchair rehabilitation equipment, exercise equipment for the musculoskeletal system. And all this became possible thanks to caring people who donate their funds for disabled children.

Volunteers publish in our group on social networks a post about the child, that he needs this or that help. According to Natalya Martynets, last year we managed to collect more than 5 million rubles! And this is in a crisis year. During the coronavirus epidemic, people’s values ​​changed, and mercy took the first place, Natalya said. We always say that even the smallest contribution can help. In the program “Healthy Childhood Crimea” we do not buy gifts, but the necessary things for the life of disabled children. On average, we manage to make 2-3 children happy a month. At the moment there is a queue of 35 children. It is in our power to help special children, to make their life more comfortable and better, said Alla Vertinskaya, head of the regional executive committee of the ONF. We will continue our work within the Direct Line. Continuation ”and we will strive to ensure that each of the appeals to the president’s press conference from the Crimean people is constructively resolved.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 14 of March 31, 2021

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Bicycle for Sasha