A CT scanner will appear in the Kostroma District Hospital No. 2

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The new CT scanner will be installed in the second district hospital of Kostroma (formerly the Central Regional Hospital).

On behalf of the Governor of the Kostroma Region, Sergei Sitnikov, this advanced medical equipment was purchased at the expense of the regional budget specifically for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with coronavirus infection; before that, COVID patients had to be sent for MRI diagnostics to private clinics, which was inconvenient for the patients themselves and unsafe for the staff and patients of private clinics.

There is only one problem: the magnetic resonance imager is a very bulky machine, you cannot place it in the existing premises of the Central Regional Hospital. Therefore, it will have to build a separate block of modular panels in a short time.

Now this construction is proceeding at an accelerated pace, so the place for the tomograph should appear by September 1, so that the installation of equipment can be started immediately.

“It is necessary to quickly resolve all issues. It is important now with everyone involved in the work to talk over everything that is required – right up to the beginning of the provision of services. Every day is, perhaps, someone’s saved life, ”said Sergei Sitnikov, who visited the construction site near the district hospital.

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