A Crucial Aspect of the Cash-in-Transit Industry is Armored Vehicles

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Not only are armored trucks and vans and their uniformed staff frequently seen outside of banks, but also near ATMs and retail establishments. Despite living in a supposedly “cashless” culture, we have grown accustomed to taking for granted having fast access to cash whenever we need it. Without solid security mechanisms to properly keep and transfer enormous amounts of cash and coins, this type of easy access to money would not be feasible due to the high danger of theft.

The foundation of what is today referred to as the “cash-in-transit” (CIT) sector is armored trucks. In actuality, the initial purpose of civilian armored cars was to transfer money and valuables.


Currently, 55 to 65 carriers in the U.S. employ cash-in-transit trucks and vans to transport billions of dollars from safe facilities to locations throughout the country’s cities and villages. Nowadays, these carriers provide their clients with entire cash management services in addition to supplying safekeeping for other assets like precious metals and important documents. They also frequently do much more than just transfer cash. Some cash-in-transit businesses also provide comprehensive ATM services, which involve buying and installing clients’ ATMs in addition to servicing their current ones. However, the majority of the revenue for these businesses still comes from conventional armored vehicle transportation services.


To guard against theft and hijacking attempts, cash-in-transit vans are extensively armored to safeguard their workers and cargo. They feature bulletproof windows and walls, and some of them, like military vehicles, have floors that have been strengthened to withstand explosions. In the early days of the cash-in-transit industry, the vulnerability of armored vehicles to attacks from explosives placed in the roadway and detonated underneath the vehicle was discovered and fixed after disgruntled thieves successfully used explosives to rob an armored van that was transporting cash. The chassis of cash-in-transit vehicles is strengthened to support the weight of the additional armoring as well as heavy loads of cash and coin.


Even though armored trucks are crucial to the cash-in-transit business, other precautions are also used by the sector to guarantee the security of their clients’ valuables:


  1. Facilities for safe storage
  2. Well-vetted and skilled crews and drivers
  3. Unique freight insurance
  4. Systems for closed-circuit television
  5. Rigorous audit process


It might be risky to move money from one place to another, but with armored cash-in-transit trucks, it can be safer and more secure. High-end, armored cash-in-transit vehicles are used by numerous organizations, governments, and financial institutions worldwide. The distinctive armoring systems are renowned for their guaranteed dependability and robustness, regardless of whether you need to armor a small number of vehicles or an entire fleet. You do not want to gamble with your priceless possessions. Moving money and other important objects can be made safer and more secure with the aid of armored vehicles.


The Best Security Features Are Found In Cash In Transit Vehicles

The following characteristics are included with armored cash-in-transit vehicles:


  1. Vertical panel defense
  2. Certified glass that is bulletproof
  3. Roof security
  4. Blast defense
  5. Door overlap defense
  6. A more modern suspension system
  7. Flat-free tires


Threats from firearms

For strong criminals, armored vehicles are ready. Because of this, vehicles used for cash-in-transit must pass rigorous ballistics testing to ensure that they can function even in extremely hazardous situations. Additionally, it is verified that they surpass the strictest safety standards.

When delivering goods in hazardous or possibly hazardous places, armored cash-in-transit trucks provide clients, their workers, and their possessions numerous advantages to help keep everyone safer and more secure. 



Companies are aware of how crucial it is for your staff and belongings to get to their intended location securely when moving money and other valuables. armored vehicle services have worked hard to create top-notch vehicle protection systems, such as bulletproof steel and glass, in response to criminals’ increasing brazenness. To make sure that they can survive potent and persistent threats, these vehicles undergo rigorous testing and quality control.



Trucks for cash-in-transit are among the many makes and types that can benefit from customization of vehicle armor. Speak with experts who do if you are unsure or inquisitive about which modifications to make to your armored cash-in-transit vehicle or vehicles.



Criminals are getting more and more sophisticated, and so are their tools, methods, and tools of the trade. The operators of cash-in-transit must use greater caution as a result of this. However, it also calls for vehicles that can survive a range of persistent and dangerous attacks. Cash-in-transit trucks with armor plating can help protect both your cash and the people inside the vehicle by fending off threats from gunfire, explosives, and even tire blowouts.