A cow causes a traffic jam on the highway

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Traffic has been disrupted on a freeway that surrounds the Atlanta, Georgia area due to a cow.

Dunwoody police were dispatched to Interstate 285,

Saturday morning around 9 am, since the animal was running on the tracks.

Authorities said the cow ended up in the middle of the freeway after falling from the trailer it was in, CNN reported.

With the help of an individual stuck in traffic who had a rope, the police managed to subdue the animal and return it to its owner.

Three lanes of the highway had to be closed because of the incident. Traffic resumed after almost an hour.

“Hunting people is the norm for the police. However, chasing cows on the freeway… not so much, ”Dunwoody police laughed on their Facebook page on Saturday.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that an event of its kind has taken place in the Atlanta area. Police had to intervene three times in a five-month period in 2018, according to CNN. In each of these events, several cows were killed.