A conspiracy theory about the creation of snow in Texas by the US authorities appeared on social networks

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Social network users are spreading videos with conspiracy theories that the snow in the US state of Texas, which was covered by abnormal cold weather, was allegedly not real and was deliberately created by the US authorities. This was announced on Tuesday, February 22nd, by Business Insider.

In particular, the authors of the video try to melt the snow with a burning match, lighter or hair dryer. Many people claim that the snow does not melt, and sometimes even almost burns, which is why users write about “fake snow”.

At the same time, the publication notes that when the fire is brought to the snow, it usually does not melt, but from a solid state immediately passes into a gaseous state, bypassing the melting stage.

Many TikTok users have decided to blame President Joe Biden or Microsoft founder Bill Gates for “sending fake snow”, who recently announced his intention to fight climate change.

It is noted that misinformation about “fake snow” was one of the main searches on social networks when searching for content about the bad weather in Texas. Videos like these get hundreds of thousands of views.

In the south of the United States, anomalous frosts were established and snowfalls do not stop. Almost 50 people have already become victims of bad weather, some of them died from hypothermia, some from carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to keep warm.

Texas has become one of the worst-hit states: bad weather has led to difficulties with water and electricity cuts, the suspension of refineries and other businesses.

US President Joe Biden announced a natural disaster in Texas due to snowfalls, as well as the allocation of federal aid to the state.

According to Bill Gates, the state is to blame for the fact that Texas was so affected by the worst blizzard in 30 years, which saved on frost-resistance systems in the energy sector.