A car hit a child on a snow-covered pedestrian crossing in Barnaul

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In Barnaul, a car hit a teenager on a snow-covered pedestrian crossing. An 11-year-old girl was taken to the emergency room.

As altapress.ru writes with reference to the Internet community “Barnaul 22”, the incident took place on Wednesday evening, December 23, on Shukshin Street. Judging by the photo, the accident was committed by an Uber taxi driver.

Local residents claim that there is not only a sign at the crossing, but also a traffic light with a motion sensor, which is difficult to miss even in a snowstorm.

However, according to their stories, pedestrians are often knocked down in this place. In winter, the car could be dragged on a snowy road.

On December 13, it was reported that in Chelyabinsk a minibus driver hit a nine-year-old second-grader at a controlled pedestrian crossing. The child has an open craniocerebral injury; doctors put the girl into an artificial coma.

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